ACA provides a wealth of knowledge and support. And this Christmas our family was given a gift card from them to help our family enjoy the holiday even more. As anyone knows, having children with special needs is sometimes taxing and often expensive. What a huge blessing to be supported by others!
-Tracy Fleming M.


I wanted to send my autistic son to camp, but the cost was just too much. (ACA) helped us gladly, with such a smile. My son had an amazing summer, so did the other kids in the family, they finally got their much needed attention, without their brother.
– Miriam


I just want to thank ACA with helping us get our son Christmas. I am having lots health issues, our son does school from home so my husband takes care of that and we just did not have they funds to provide a Christmas for our son. With the gift card we received we were able to get our son some of the things he wanted. Thank you so much for helping us!!!!!!! May God bless you all!
– TresLW


“What do you say about a foundation that is moving mountains. I am a single mother that has been just wowed by this foundation and all that they have given us. My son is 4 and we have been trying for a long time to get him an IPad, he has always taken to tech he is in school and an IPad is what he uses at school and coming home after school was hard because he would go from being able to make his needs known to me guessing which was putting a strain on both of us. So thank you for making our day our world our life that much more easier… (Read More)”


“Christmas. It allowed us to actually buy much needed shoes and coats as well as some gifts for the kids. We live on an extremely tight budget with really no room for Christmas presents. Instead of just trying to live day by day, we can actually celebrate this year.”
-Parent of an autistic child


“Our grandson Aidan is 4 years old and he is on the Autism Spectrum. Communicating his wants and needs continues to be a roadblock for him. When I heard of (your foundation) and their program to help children on the spectrum by supplying iPads. I contacted the foundation but was told that the year’s allotment of iPads had already been distributed. Several weeks later I received an email from the foundation informing me that a new supply of iPad mini’s was expected and I would be able to apply for one by sending Aidan’s diagnosis. I immediately responded and within 10 days Aidan had his iPad mini. It is hard to express in words the difference this is making in Aidan’s learning. Aidan’s vocabulary and his ability to express his wants, needs, and feelings is improving already. Thank you (and your) generous donors for providing this learning tool for our child and other children on the spectrum. It is truly a great blessing to see your child make the connections necessary to have a future. We are very grateful for this opportunity for our grandson. I will be donating the money I saved for Aidan’s iPad to the foundation to benefit other children.”
-Denise Myers, grandparent of autistic child;
Rochester, PA

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