The recipients of the gift cards would not be able to have even the slightest holiday celebration for their family without our help. Most parents with an autistic child face many financial difficulties due to the costs and the constant challenges associated with raising an autistic child.

ACA partners with autism organizations across the country that help in selecting and distributing to the families who have the greatest need for financial assistance. These gifts bring so much astonishment, hope and joy to the families who receive them. For 2018, we distributed 319 holiday gift cards from Walmart and Target valued at $100 each. Here’s what some of the recipients and our partners had to say.

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What others are saying about ACA’s holiday gift card program…

“We received an iPad mini as well as a holiday gift card for our family. It was a huge help in so many ways. Our little one is completely non verbal so the iPad is helping bridge that connection that we needed. The gift card was a huge help in so many ways. Having a child on the spectrum can be an expensive thing especially when you want to give your child everything that will help make them feel comfortable. We are thankful for this non profit. Thank you to all who donate to this organization!”
~Parent of an autistic child

“Words can’t express how thankful we are of the gift card we received for Christmas. It allowed us to actually buy much needed shoes and coats as well as some gifts for the kids. We live on an extremely tight budget with really no room for Christmas presents. Instead of just trying to live day by day, we can actually celebrate this year.”
~Parent of an autistic child

“Thanks so much for including us in your Holiday Gift Card Program. It is heart breaking looking back through the financial applications. I have several families who make under $10k a year, some on disabilities, some in foster care….  It is a privilege to be a part of your great work. ”
~Misti Moxley, Executive Director, Camp Odakoda ASD Oregon;
Clackamas, OR

“I don’t know exactly who you folks are, but I would like to thank you for the gift card for Trenton, well, for the whole family. Trent got an iPod and some clothes; he enjoys the wifi places we go to with it. Trenton’s mom passed away in 2009, it’s been hard for him. I don’t know if he fully understands it or maybe he does. Sometimes he just sobs and says Mama. Anyways I want you to know that your generous gift has brought him joy.  Thanks again and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”
~William D., father of an autistic child;
Bloomingville, Ohio

“Thank you so much for the holiday gift card provided to our family by you and your organization! Your generosity has already brightened our holidays. It has been a difficult year and the lift of spirits is as much as the gift card. Bless you all!”
~Susan and Tim B., parents of an autistic child;
Hobart, IN

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